Dental Practice Digital Marketing and SEO

How to Market Your Dental Practice Online and Offline

If you have just started a new dental practice, then you have probably wondered what the best way to attract customers is. Marketing a dental practice can be a challenge because there are a lot of things to worry about  you have to pick your target market, and find a way to reach them when dentistry isn’t something that most people are going to be actively looking for on a day to day basis.

The best thing to do is to market based on the specialisms, rather than just “I am a dentist.” If you specialize in children, market the fact that you are open at convenient times, child-friendly, and good with kids that are scared of dentists. If you do cosmetic dentistry, then market the products that you use because those who are looking for cosmetic treatments tend to be quite well educated in the difference between, say, normal braces and Invisalign.

If you do emergency fillings, crowns, extractions, etc. market your opening hours and the fact that you can be flexible and do such treatments. If you do gumshields for sports people, then that’s a whole industry by itself, and instead of focusing on reaching people just through the search engines you might want to reach out to schools and sports teams, and maybe even reach out to the people who run events, to drum up trade that way

Social media and the search engines are good ways of reaching people who might be interested in dentists. You can also reach out to people through schools (parents might be looking to enroll their kids in a new dentist if they’ve just moved to the area in the new school year) and at the local doctor’s office.

Be sure that in our marketing you also offer clarification of the qualifications that you have, and that you promote your skills, and your prices. If there is more than one dentist, list them all, and make it clear what they are qualified to do. Show your data protection policies clearly, and if you’re someone who has a relationship with an insurance company, make it clear that you’re an approved provider because that’s a big selling point to a lot of people.

It’s not easy to break into the world of dentistry, but it is possible with a systematic marketing plan. Be consistent with your marketing, and push out a steady and consistent message every time you post to the website, and you should find that everything goes well. One mistake that a lot of people make is that they don’t market consistently, or for long enough, and then they get caught out by the fact that others are sending out a clearer brand message. It can take a long time for SEO to kick in, but you will get results if you are patient, and you should keep going with ‘maintenance level’ SEO afterward so that you don’t get overtaken by your competitors.

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